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COVID-19 Update


November 2020

Dear Trinity Lutheran Faith Family,


As the global pandemic continues to sweep through our country and community, we continue to make decisions at Trinity keeping the health and safety of all our members as the top priority. Last spring when the pandemic was just beginning, your church leaders made a decision to plan church activities based primarily on the guidelines coming from the Center for Disease Control, the Minnesota Department of Health, and the leadership of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Of course, these decisions would also be made with input from the congregation. (Thank you for completing the recent survey!)


With that in mind, we continue to take "baby steps" with regard to allowing onsite gatherings take place at Trinity. At this point, our plan is to allow small groups to meet inside our building, provided that they wear facemasks, follow social distancing guidelines, and sanitize their meeting area both before and after they meet. We are currently allowing groups of 30 or less to meet in the Fellowship hall, and groups of 15 or less to meet in Nylunda Chapel. We also plan to continue outdoor activities through the winter, like our recent Parking Lot Communion and Coffee Hour. (We're Minnesotans -- we love the cold and snow!)


Trinity is blessed to have three groups of dedicated leaders working together to make these decisions. Our Church Council discusses our strategy at every council meeting, and we also have a "Covid-19 Response Team" to offer recommendations, based on the latest information regarding the coronavirus. These two teams, working closely with the entire staff, are trying hard to remain faithful to our mission while also keeping the health and safety of all as our top priority.


Thank you for your ongoing support of these leaders as we follow God's vision toward a bright and faithful future! If you see them, please thank them for their work!


Church Council

Jodi Boylan, Jason Emmons, Jason Koets, Carol Murray (Chair), Kari Olson, Nancy Pickering, Ken Tufte, Heidi Volkart


Covid-19 Response Team

Robyn Behrens (Staff Liaison), Alyson Blakstad, Allison Neaton, Eileen Nelson, Kari Olson (Council Liaison), Scott Phearman, Jim Sandquist



Pastor Engholm, Robyn Behrens, Gail Cassidy, Joyce Harding, Mary Jech, Hannah Rosholt, Jacob Ulland


Pastor Engholm and

The Trinity Lutheran Church Council



Congregational Input Survey Results


Given that current COVID numbers in Minnesota and our community are on the rise, we are not immediately considering moving toward in-person worship services, but the survey feedback we have received from the congregation in October has given us valuable information for when it becomes safer to consider doing so. Thanks to all who participated in the survey.


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