Why Church at Trinity Lutheran


Trinity Lutheran Church is embarking on an initiative called “Why Church”. Through this partnership with the ELCA Minneapolis Area Synod, we will be offering several opportunities for the congregation to come together in discussion, learning, and faithful support of one another as we continue to seek the ways God is at work in our daily lives and how we can invite our congregation and our community deeper into the faith life at Trinity Lutheran Church.


“Why Church” is just the beginning – let’s explore together “why” church is meaningful to us and let us be guided to discover “where”, “when” and “how” we can build purposeful faith connections in our lives with those around us. 

Our first Why Church event took place in October.

Why Church: “God’s Story and My Story”

During this event, we re-connected with each other, re-discovered our roots in the faith, and were re-mindeded of our rich history in faith through the Bible. And we did all of this right before we celebrated our Lutheran Re-formation on the last Sunday of October. God is always re-forming the church – let’s discover how God is re-forming each one of us!

Thank you to those who attended the "Why Church: God's Story and My Story" workshop. The presentation portion of the event was recorded. If you would like access to this recording, please contact the church office.

Looking Ahead...

Below are some of the topics we are exploring next with "Why Church". If you would like to be a part of planning these workshops, please contact the church office 952-955-1891 or trinityoffice@trin.org.

Discovering & Developing My Story

Get in touch with how God has been active in your life and put that discovery into words that you can share simply and powerfully with others.


Listening with Curiosity and Courage

Learn the art of the one-to-one relational conversation, so that you listen deeply and inquire boldly, to learn what God is up to in another person’s life.

Why Our Church?

Explore together what about this faith community draws each of us here. What in our individual and shared stories finds resonance here? If it’s important to us, might it also resonate with others not yet here?