Why Church at Trinity Lutheran



Trinity Lutheran Church is embarking on an initiative this year called “Why Church”. Through this partnership with the ELCA Minneapolis Area Synod, we will be offering several opportunities for the congregation to come together in discussion, learning, and faithful support of one another as we continue to seek the ways God is at work in our daily lives and how we can invite our congregation and our community deeper into the faith life at Trinity Lutheran Church.


“Why Church” is just the beginning – let’s explore together “why” church is meaningful to us and let us be guided to discover “where”, “when” and “how” we can build purposeful faith connections in our lives with those around us. 

Our first Why Church event is taking place this October. Learn more and sign up to attend below.

Why Church: “God’s Story and My Story”

Wednesday, October 27

6:30 - 8:30 pm


Join us for our first “Why Church” opportunity as we talk about how far we have come and how much we have grown in the midst of the global pandemic. During this event, we will re-connect with each other, re-discover our roots in the faith, and be re-minded of our rich history in faith through the Bible. And we will do all of this right before we celebrate our Lutheran Re-formation on the last Sunday of October. God is always 
re-forming the church – let’s get together and see how God is re-forming each one of us!


In this two-hour interactive session participants will:

  • Get in touch with why it matters that we get (re)connected to God’s story;

  • Be led through a (re)discovery of the significant stories and themes running through the Bible;

  • Explore why certain biblical stories & themes resonate with different people, including you;

  • Identify a key theme, passage, or story that speaks to you, which you can claim as “your own”.

  • Consider what we might do next together to keep tapping into the story God is still telling.


In this session we will NOT...

  • require anyone to reveal how much or how little they know about the bible!

  • ask anyone to reveal anything about oneself that they don’t want to reveal.

  • put anyone in front of a group to “share.” Rather, any personal sharing will occur in groups of two or three, and what folks choose to share will be entirely up to them.

Please let us know if you plan to attend this event.


Thank you for signing up to attend the "God's Story and My Story" event on Wednesday, October 27 at Trinity Lutheran Church.​