COVID-19 Response at Trinity

January 2022


Dear Trinity Family and Friends,


We continue to monitor the situation regarding the ongoing presence of Covid-19 in our midst. While we are hopeful that the number of cases will soon decrease, the number of cases in our area right now is very high. In light of that, we would like to make two adjustments to our current plan at Trinity:


  1. We are asking our Worship Shepherds and Coffee Hosts to wear masks on Sunday mornings.

  2. We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE EVERYONE to wear masks on Sunday mornings as well.


We will continue to keep other guidelines in place:


  1. Offering plates are not being passed but are available at the doors.

  2. Facemasks and hand sanitizer bottles are also available at the doors.

  3. Encourage physical distancing as much as possible.

  4. We are “Sharing the Peace” from a distance: Smiling, Waving, and Greeting.

  5. Coffee is being served upstairs in the open space of the Gathering Hall upstairs rather than downstairs in the more closed space of the Fellowship Hall.

  6. We continue to offer worship services online.

  7. We continue to pray for courage, patience, and peace through the pandemic! 


(Prior to the above actions, we were also taking reservations for worship, roping off pews, and signing in to the building. And prior to that, we simply weren't meeting inside the building at all.)

Our hope is that these additional simple requests will help keep the spread of Covid-19 in our congregation to a minimum. Thank you for your patience, encouragement, and support!

August 2021

As we plan for the upcoming program year at Trinity, recommendations regarding the pandemic continue to evolve. We continue to monitor all of the data and information about how the pandemic is impacting us locally and if the Trinity Church Council and COVID Response Team feel it is necessary to make changes to our pandemic protocols, we will keep the congregation informed. 


We are moving forward with our plans for worship and church activities this Fall with hopefulness and flexibility. Thank you for your continued support during this time.


Pastor Engholm and

The Trinity Lutheran Church Council

Stay Calm. Stay Connected. Shine on.

In the face of a global pandemic, God has led us with faith, hope, and love into a future that no one expected. We give thanks for all the ways God has kept us together in the past year, and we look forward to how God will continue to guide us into a "new normal" of vibrant ministry! Here are some of the ways we are staying calm and connected at Trinity during the pandemic. Shine on!

Spirit SWAG Devotional Videos


The spirit of God is with us everyday as we continue to SWAG (Smile, Wave and Greet) one another and shine in the light of God.




Thank you for your ongoing support of these leaders as we follow God's vision toward a bright and faithful future! If you see them, please thank them for their work!

Church Council

Jodi Boylan, Diane Holmes, Corky Ibeling, Jason Koets, Carol Murray, Nancy Pickering, Nancy Stello, Ken Tufte

COVID-19 Response Team

Robyn Behrens, Alyson Blakstad, Allison Neaton, Eileen Nelson, Kari Olson, Scott Phearman, Jim Sandquist, Dan Sieling

Church Staff

Pastor Engholm, Robyn Behrens, Gail Cassidy, Joyce Harding, Mary Jech, Hannah Rosholt, Jacob Ulland


For up to date information on COVID-19, visit the following websites: