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Trinity Ministries for Adults

Adult Ministries at Trinity Lutheran Church offer opportunities to gather together for learning, service, outreach, prayer, and fellowship. As we continue to learn what God's grace and forgiveness means in each of our lives, these opportunities help us to strengthen our relationship with God, foster our relationships with each other and create a feeling of belonging and connection with those we share these moments with.

Adult Education Opportunities


Beginning in September 2022, we will be offering two Adult Education opportunities! First, our "Digging Deeper" series will resume one Sunday each month when we dig deeper into the scripture reading for the day.


The second opportunity is brand new as we hold a "Faith Forum" one Sunday each month. This forum will be topical in nature as we discuss our response as thoughtful, faithful Christians to the current events of the day.

Check out our UPCOMING EVENTS page for more details on these opportunities.

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