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Worship Music

Trinity's worship music is thoughtfully considered to reflect the church season and biblical theme each week. A variety of choirs, vocalists and worship bands present special music throughout the month. Special ensembles are also used throughout the year and for special occasions. We encourage anyone with an interest in sharing your gifts of music during worship to be a part of Trinity's music ministry.


Worship Choir

For teens through adults

Worship Choir will sing during worship several times throughout the year. Rehearsals will take place for 3 to 4 Wednesdays before any given singing commitment.

Handbell Choir

For teens through adults

Handbell Choir will play during worship occasionally throughout the year and rehearse as needed prior to those dates.

Worship Bands

For teens through adults

Worship Bands lead worship on one Sunday of the month.

Sunday School Singers

All children who participate in Sunday School learn music as a part of their faith formation experience. Periodically they share their gifts at worship on Sunday mornings.



Would you like to share your musical gifts?

If you are interested in participating in any of the choirs, bands or ensembles, please contact Hannah Rosholt, Music Ministry Coordinator at or call the church office at 952-955-1891.

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