Trinity College Scholarships

Each year, the Trinity Lutheran Church Foundation offers several college scholarship opportunities to Trinity’s graduating seniors. Scholarships will be presented at our Graduate Blessing Sunday on May 15.


Application Due Date: May 1, 2022

To apply, click on the application link above; make a copy of the Google Document and save the completed application with your name in the filename. Email or share the Google Document to

Please Note: You will receive email verification upon receipt of your application. If you do not receive an email after a day or two, please contact the church office to make sure your application was received.

The Trinity Foundation Scholarship

The Trinity Foundation awards one or more graduating seniors this scholarship based on academic accomplishments, community service, and a personal essay about his/her experience at Trinity Lutheran Church and what they have learned that will help them be successful in the future.


Trinity Preschool Scholarship

Trinity Preschool was a beloved addition of Trinity Lutheran Church from 1975 to 2018. This scholarship awards a current Trinity Lutheran Church member that is graduating from high school and furthering their education at a post secondary college, particularly to study in the field of education/teaching. ​

Elsie Sandquist Memorial Music Scholarship

In memory of Elsie Sandquist, Trinity Lutheran Church's Organist/Pianist from 1964-2001, this scholarship was created to financially help a current Trinity member that is graduating from high school and furthering their education at a post secondary college. The recipient will have a love for music.

Bergstrom Family Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is given to one or more Trinity seniors to perpetuate the memory of the Bergstrom family and commend involvement in our church and community.


Frank Kaduk Memorial Scholarship

The Frank Kaduk Scholarship is given to perpetuate the memory of Frank Kaduk, who was active in the faith formation of children at Trinity through teaching, enthusiastic support, and meaningful children’s messages. This scholarship will be given to a student who has shown an active interest in Trinity over the years. Preference will be given to those interested in pursuing a degree in education.

C. P. Thompson Scholarship

The C. P. Thompson Scholarship is given to assist a student who is pursuing a career in ministry and to commend involvement in the Trinity Lutheran Church and the community. This scholarship may be given to an eligible student who plans to pursue a career in Christian ministry.