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Children's Ministry Virtual Corner


Welcome to Trinity’s Children’s Ministry Virtual Corner! On this page, you’ll find videos and information on how to follow along with our Sunday School curriculum from your home, on your phone, or wherever you are! Each month, we’ll post the weekly “Big Idea”, Bible stories, and learning videos for you to enjoy.


If you plan on following along each week and would like the coloring pages that accompany each week’s Big Idea and a Spark Children's Bible to read the bible stories at home, please contact Hannah Rosholt at

Theme: Blast Off


If you’re a grown-up and you’ve been following Jesus for a while, you’ve probably figured out a few ways to grow spiritually. The kids you're parenting or leading, on the other hand, aren’t grown-ups, so they might need a little help from you to figure out how, exactly, to grow spiritually. So what should spiritual growth look like for a kid? We like to think about it in terms of four spiritual habits. To help a kid grow spiritually, teach them to spend time with God, spend time with others, use their gifts, and share their story.

Memory Verse

"Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path." — Psalm 119:105

Week 1

This week, we hear about the time Jesus visited Mary and Martha's home.

The Big Idea

We Can Spend Time With God.


Bible Story

Luke 10:38–42  (Spark Bible, pg. 366)


Week 3

This week, we hear about the time Jesus washed his disciples' feet and showed them what it means to serve.

The Big Idea

We Can Use Our Gifts.


Bible Story

John 13:1–17; 34–35  (Spark Bible, pg 462)


Week 2

This week, we hear about the time a group of people helped their paralyzed friend get to Jesus.

The Big Idea

People Can Help Our Faith Grow.


Bible Story

Mark 2:1–12


Week 4

This week, we hear about the time Paul and Silas shared about Jesus, even when they were in prison.

The Big Idea

We Can Share Our Story.


Bible Story

Acts 16:16–34  (Spark Bible, pg 536)



Questions about Children's Ministry?

Contact Children's Ministry Coordinator, Hannah Rosholt at


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